Investing In Gabs

At least 57 percent of all itemized contributions reported by the Gabriel Gomez campaign before Tuesday's primary came from people who make their living, as Gomez does, by managing investments.

That includes $309,850 from individuals who list private equity or other investment-related occupations, and another $44,550 from their spouses who listed no occupation of their own.

Close to $60,000 came from employees and their spouses of the last two firms where Gomez has worked, Advent International and Summit Partners. Boston private-equity firm Berkshire Partners accounted for more than $40,000.

The figures come from my analysis of Gomez's reports filed with the Federal Election Commission. The Gomez campaign, provided with the analysis earlier today, did not dispute them.

Gomez's heavy reliance on investment professionals for funding could be a target for the Ed Markey campaign. Elizabeth Warren and Democrats used Scott Brown's funding sources last year to accuse him of being in the pocket of Wall Street.

Gomez, in addition to $900,000 of his own money he loaned the campaign, raised $582,249 through April 10, the end of the pre-primary reporting period. All but $47,000 of it came in increments large enough to require itemizing. Another $86,400 of itemized contributions were included in so-called "48-hour contribution reports" after April 10.

The contribution reports also show that Gomez was funded primarily by large contributions from a relatively small number of people.

Of the $582,249 reported by the campaign in its pre-primary report, $354,350 — just over 60 percent — came from individuals who gave at least the maximum $2600 allowed for the primary campaign.

Quite a few gave above that maximum; a little more than $100,000 of over-contributions were shifted to the campaign's general-election fund, which can accept an additional $2600 from each individual donor.


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  • 5/3/2013 4:50 PM Dennis Desmond wrote:
    I Can See Where This is Going David. Another Neo-Con, Who Will Work For The Giant Corporations And Big Banks For Their Benefit,Not The People of Ma. Benefit. We Have Enough of Them in The Senate Already !
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