Q&A #1: State Lege Leadership

Hey look, I managed to get people to my new site to ask questions!

"Matt Szafranski" starts us off:

We all know that leadership holds the cards on Beacon Hill, but is it worse for independent-minded reps/sens in one house or another? It just seems like [Speaker Robert] DeLeo is the one standing in the way of progress, like revenue, more than [President Therese] Murray these days.
Well, let's not use judgmental phrases like "standing in the way of progress." How about, "cowering cravenly"?

Yes, I'd agree the house is the more tightly controlled, as has been the case for years — and is typically, though not always, the case with the larger body. There are several factors for that, which include the personality and style of the individual leaders, but also for instance that senators are more independently powerful than reps, and thus more likely to act independently.

But it's also true that the current makeup of the Massachusetts senate is considerably more liberal, on the whole, than the house. That means there is simply more appetite for things you might call "progress," such as increasing revenue through taxes for spending on infrastructure and education.

So, in that instance, and others, the difference you're seeing probably has less to do with what the leaders are telling their members to do, than what the members are telling the leaders they're willing to do.

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    What are your thoughts on the 2014 Gov and LG races with the new entries and new/ continued rumored entries (Lake, Sullivan, Curtatone, Capuano, Grossman, Wolf) of the last couple weeks?
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